Villa Ferida is a small paradise for those who are looking for a relaxing and luxurious holiday placed near the likes of Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Vietri. These are just some of the villages which can be easily reached from villa Ferida. August and September offer some of the most interesting


The island offers unique attractions, well known worldwide. The amazing blue watered Grotta Azzurra or the Faraglioni, the eternal guardians of the island. Marina Piccola, where going down its little stairs you will reach the beach and the Scoglio delle Sirene where, according to the legend, the Sirens who enchanted


Sorrento, birthplace of the poet Torquato Tasso, who was born in 1544, is a colorful land, hosting Sirens and lovely gardens. Exclusive destination rich in history, such as the crypt of the Basilica dedicated to St. Antonino, where the influence by different cultures and civilizations that over time have passed


Ravello is a terrace on the Amalfi Coast. A path that enables you to admire the different influences, which for centuries have shaped its architecture, can only start from Santa Maria a Gradillo. You will find yourself Immediately immersed in the true heart of the city : Piazza Del Vescovado


At the foot of Mountain Vesuvio there is Pompei, a cosmopolitan city, favorite destination of tourists from Italy and abroad, which was registered by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in the 1997. Its primary feature, which makes it a unique place in the world, is the enclosure of two cities


Naples is the favorite destination for many Italian and foreign tourists. The package offered to the tourist and its hospitality facilities combine well with the traditional hospitality and friendliness of the Neapolitans. Many things downtown are to be seen: the Cathedral of Naples with the crypt of San Gennaro, the


Paestum is a small town on the Gulf of Salerno. Its railway station is located close to the temples, but there isn’t a real center of the town, since Paestum is simply an archaeological area belonging to the municipality of Capaccio. This said, one can understand why many foreign tourists